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MONOTOR, the world’s first artificial intelligence monitoring system for water heaters and boilers.

We’ll continually monitor the operations of your boilers and water heaters to minimize expensive downtime and revenue losses (patent pending).


It is an artificial intelligence system that can be installed on any make and model of water heater or boiler. MONOTOR analyzes the operations of the equipment, makes intelligent decisions based on the data, and alerts you of the results within seconds.

24/7/365 DAYS A YEAR

Always on duty...the unblinking eye. MONOTOR checks temperatures and pressures both in the water heater and in the atmosphere around it every few seconds, ensuring that you will be quickly notified of any immediate adverse conditions that occur.


Get yours by signing up for NHW’s STAR PARTNER Preventative Maintenance Program. We service every make and model of heater. MONOTOR is easily installed and works via your Wi–Fi connection.